Road and Runway Weather Station RWS200

Road weather information is the key to successful decision making.  The RWS200 is intelligently designed, with sophisticated algorithms and smart power management, because reliability is what matters.  Deploy only what you need to do the job, all without sacrificing accuracy.

RWS200´s compatibility with various sensors makes it a complete road weather information solution. Vaisala sensors, mainly atmospheric, are sold around the world for many different applications. They are sold with Vaisala weather stations and without; however, when used as part of the RWS200, each sensor gains both accuracy and serviceability through communication between the station and the sensors, and even using data from other Vaisala sensors to validate the measurements.

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Key Benefits

More than Data
Possibility to integrate to Vaisala-hosted information services or set up a local database for data storage.
Deploy Only What you Need
Don’t need a full road weather station, but might consider in the future? RWS200 is built to last 10-20 years. A unit purchased today can be updated either remotely or in the field to support new features and functions as they are designed by Vaisala.
Easy and Fast Installation
We have learned over the years about the challenges and problems with road weather stations stem installations and therefore, we have developed a standardized product that comes with installation instructions with all the information you need to install the sensors correctly.

Customer Stories