Present Weather Sensor FS11P

Runway visual range (RVR), aeronautical and synoptical visibility and present weather observation for demanding weather applications.

Detects precipitation type and intensity
Well suited for synoptic​ and aeronautical applications
The most widely proven forward scatter RVR sensor, selected and used by FAA
Meets FAA and ICAO specifications for RVR and visibility measurement
The most widely proven present weather sensing technology
Meets ICAO frangibility standards
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Key Benefits

Excellent value
RVR, visibility and present weather all-in-one. Measures visibility up to 75 km.
Minimal look-down geometry
The second is "head-down" design of the optical heads, which protects them against virtually all windblown particles (even those flying horizontally).
Four main design features ( optical path clearance monitoring circuitry) are combined in the FS11P to ensure reliable operation in the harshest weather.

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