Surface Patrol Pavement Temperature Sensor Series DSP100

Noncontact infrared sensor for measuring pavement temperature, that also measures air temperature. The sensor is mounted outside your vehicle and continuously monitors road surface temperatures, providing instant feedback on road surface conditions. The data retrieved from the Surface Patrol is accurate and real-time, making it a reliable method for collecting pavement information.

Measures both air and pavement temperatures
Easy-to-read, dash-mounted digital display
Patented cone design to protect sensor lens
Separate air sensor for improved accuracy
Quick and easy to install
Unit can be calibrated in the field as opposed to returning it to the manufacturer
Integrates with other vehicle equipment such as spreaders or distance measuring instruments
Optional RS-232 output to connect to a computer or analog output for other applications
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Key Benefits

Mobile sensor provides pavement data for your entire route
Real-time pavement and air temperature readings
Inexpensive compared to other pavement monitoring methods