X-band Weather Radar

The new X-band Weather Radar provides highly accurate measurements for a limited area, filling in a gap in a national radar network or delivering precise information for a specific area. Severe weather in mountainous areas and gaps under sparse weather radar networks will now be visible when X-band radars are added to the weather radar networks.

Through accurate detection and nowcasting of hazardous conditions, safety and efficiency will be improved for:

  • Airports
  • Construction
  • Road maintenance and traffic
  • Public events

In addition, X-band can provide city-specific hydrological information such as high-resolution urban hydrological modeling, data for wastewater treatment plants and hydrological monitoring and forecasting.

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Key Benefits

Outstanding Performance
X-band frequency delivers more accurate and comprehensive measurement data with higher resolution and better precision for short-range meteorological surveillance.
High Data Quality and Availability
By filling gaps in radar networks, the X-band Weather Radar delivers improved radar network coverage and higher radar data resolution (e.g. at low altitudes, in mountainous areas, and around wind parks).
Continuous Calibration
The X-band calibrates automatically and continuously, ensuring data accuracy and quality while minimizing downtime.
Cost Efficient
From delivery to management and through the end of life, the X-band Weather Radar’s easy installation and calibration ensures no surprises and low lifetime cost.
Ease of Installation
Easy plug-and-play installation and integration to radar network can be completed within a week.

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Ride the X-band Wave

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