X-band Weather Radar

The new X-band Weather Radar provides highly accurate measurements for a limited area, filling in a gap in a national radar network or delivering precise information for an airport. Severe weather in mountainous areas and gaps under sparse weather radar networks will now be visible when X-band radars are added to the weather radar networks. Airport safety and efficiency will be improved with accurate detection and nowcasting of hazardous conditions.


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Key Benefits

Outstanding Performance
X-band frequency delivers more accurate and comprehensive measurement data with higher resolution and better precision for short-range meteorological surveillance.
High Data Quality and Availability
By filling gaps in radar networks, the X-band Weather Radar delivers improved radar network coverage and higher radar data resolution (e.g. at low altitudes, in mountainous areas, and around wind parks).
Cost Efficient
From delivery to management and through the end of life, the X-band Weather Radar’s easy installation and calibration ensures no surprises and low lifetime cost.
Ease of Installation
Easy plug-and-play installation and integration to radar network can be completed within a week.

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