Weather Radar WRM200

WRM200 is a dual polarization Doppler weather radar with real time operational hydrometeor classification software.

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Key Benefits

S-Band Performance at a C-Band Price
Attenuation by intervening heavy precipitation has been a long-standing problem with C-band weather radars, making S-band radars preferable, especially in tropical environments where heavy rain is common.
Dual polarization adds new dimension
Increasing detectability by up to 10 dB versus the competition. The polarization variables, depending on the mode, are ZDR, RHOHV, PHIDP, KDP and LDR. However, the goal of a polarization radar is not only to produce and display these outputs; rather it is to expand the capabilities of the radar for the operational forecaster.
HydroClass™ - seeing much more
HydroClass™ software uses polarization measurements in a proven fuzzy logic algorithm to classify targets into categories. i.e. hail, graupel, rain, snow, wet snow or non-meteorological targets (such as sea clutter, birds, insects, wind turbines, interference, or military chaff). While traditional Doppler clutter filtering can remove stationary targets, HydroClass™ can also remove moving non-meteorological targets like sea clutter. The benefit is improved data quality and more accurate warnings for hazardous weather such as hail.

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