C-band Weather Radar WRM100

A single polarization C-band magnetron Doppler weather radar for weather surveillance, severe weather monitoring, hydrometeorological applications, e.g. flood forecasting, airport wind shear detection and hurricane/typhoon/cyclone tracking. The most widely used type of weather radar because of it's low initial and lifecycle costs. With modern digital receiver and processing techniques, the performance of magnetron systems rivals costlier Klystron systems.

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Key Benefits

Easy to upgrade
The system can be purchased as dual polarization ready, or upgraded in the field to dual polarization.
Easy to integrate
Integration into other Vaisala systems such as lightning detection networks, rain gauges, LLWAS and surface weather is also available.
Reduced MTTR and higher data availability
The WRM100’s comprehensive remote control, BITE and active monitoring features allow radar maintenance to be coordinated from a central facility. The detailed level of fault reporting allows maintenance personnel to accurately assess any problem before traveling to radar sites.

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