IRIS Focus Weather Radar Software

IRIS Focus Weather Radar Software

IRIS Focus Weather Radar Software provides a uniquely rich set of tools for viewing and analyzing your weather radar data. Developed with customers, the easy-to-use interface reduces complexity and training time. IRIS Focus helps you better understand storms for quicker decisions and more accurate precipitation classification. IRIS is a suite of software tools for configuring, calibrating, and operating a complete weather radar system.

Key Benefits

Analyze Your Data Faster
IRIS Focus allows you to see more. Choose a multi-panel display or layer multiple data points from different radar products on one screen. Because we generate radar products on-demand, you can zoom in on data at the highest resolution.
Understand Storms to Make Better Decisions
IRIS Focus tools support quicker decision-making and accurate precipitation estimation and classification. Advanced graphic display and data processing capabilities provide new ways of observing your weather radar data.
Access Your Data from Anywhere
Because IRIS Focus is web-based, you can access your data from anywhere. You do not have to store data on your computer. You can easily share your data with colleagues in other departments and outside the agency.