Radiotheodolite RT20A

The RT20A  consists of portable modules which can be integrated easily into your own mechanized transportation concept. The RT20A, as a part of the complete tactical Vaisala sounding system including 1680 MHz Vaisala radiosondes, provides highly accurate upper-air meteorological data (wind speed/direction, humidity, temperature and pressure) in standard message formats. Easy to transport and quick to deploy, the RT20A has proven to be the world’s most advanced and accurate RDF antenna for upper-air sounding. Alongside the RT20A, the Vaisala MARWIN® Sounding System MW32 automates data handling and provides messages in relevant STANAG and WMO formats.

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Key Benefits

Independent and passive windfinding
The windfinding accuracy of the RT20A is maintained even at low elevation angles, where ground reflections can cause some theodolites problems.
Easy to assemble, dismantle and transport by truck, trailer or helicopter.
RT20A comprises 10 sub-assemblies packed in cases that a team of two can easily carry. The same two operators
can perform a sounding in under 15 minutes from unloading.
Ready for sounding in under 15 minutes
Thanks to its high degree of automation perform a sounding in under 15 minutes from unloading.