Dropsonde RD94

Vaisala Dropsonde RD94

Dropsonde RD94

​Dropsonde RD94 is used for tropical cyclone reconnaissance and research, data acquisition over oceans as input for numerical weather prediction models, as well as in various field campaigns to acquire data for meteorological research and for validation of other airborne instrumentation. The receiving system on board the aircraft can be configured to track up to eight dropsondes at the same time.

Key Benefits

Designed for atmospheric profiling from aircraft flight level to surface
Descending through the atmosphere by a parachute, RD94 measures the profiles of pressure, temperature, relative humidity and wind direction and speed from the point of launch to the surface.
Proven measurement performance
RD94 sensors are calibrated using similar methods as with the Vaisala RS92 radiosonde family. Calibrations are traceable to international standards.
Intellectual property rights and development
Vaisala Inc., USA, manufactures the Dropsonde RD94 under license to University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Foundation (UCARF). The dropsonde and receiving system hardware and software have been developed at the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) of the National Center of Atmospheric Research (NCAR), in Boulder, Colorado, USA.