Automates the synoptic upper-air observations and saves costs and gives the freedom to extend the coverage of upper-air networks everywhere - in populated areas, remote locations, or in climates ranging from polar to tropical.

Key Benefits

Minimizes Operating Costs
The Vaisala AUTOSONDE® has the capacity to perform entirely automatically for 24 consecutive synoptic soundings. It is only at this point the Vaisala AUTOSONDE® is restocked and checked manually.
Easy, inexpensive installation and reconfigurations
Whether it is a new station, or a replacement of an older system, setting up and reconfiguring the Vaisala AUTOSONDE® is quick and inexpensive.
Remote Flexible Operation saves time and money
Vaisala AUTOSONDE® can be configured remotely from a central location by using the Remote Control System. It also allows the remote interruption of the regular sounding schedule to measure interesting events such as extreme weather phenomena.


Jan Bogo Station in Antarctica - Vaisala Case
Success Story | Jun 01st 2017

Scientific Research on Antarctica

Vaisala working together with our partners, installed an AUTOSONDE at Korean Antarctic Jang Bogo station, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica. Korea...
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