Vaisala has a long experience of automated soundings, including over 80 delivered systems during the last 25 years and over 700 000 soundings from these systems. This experience is utilized in Vaisala AUTOSONDE® AS41, which is a completely new upper-air observation system for synoptic and adaptive use.

Completely new upper-air observation system for synoptic and adaptive use
All benefits of Vaisala Radiosonde RS41 and Vaisala MW41 Sounding System
Reloading needed once in four weeks
Safe working environment. The basic rule of Vaisala AUTOSONDE systems has always been that gas lines are never fed inside the container.
Remote control and configuration on common Vaisala Observation Network platform
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Key Benefits

High-quality Data
Performance fully comparable with Vaisala manual sounding. Automatic ground check procedure eliminates human error and results in consistent data.
High Data Availability
AS41 is designed to stand even extreme weather conditions around the world. Selection of components and materials together with thoroughly tested automation control guarantees continuous operation without downtime.
Cost Efficient Operation
Vaisala AUTOSONDE® AS41 offers the longest autonomous sounding capacity on the market. Reloading once every four weeks minimizes the number of necessary site visits.
Easy Remote Control and Monitoring
Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 is used as a modern Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) platform for remote controlling and monitoring of AS41. Through secure communication protocol, operators can efficiently control sounding schedule, initiate on-demand sounding, and perform remote diagnostics.

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Vaisala Autosonde AS41 Introduction

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