Mobile Road Weather Station Condition Patrol DSP310

Mobile Road Weather Station Condition Patrol DSP310 Diagram

Mobile Road Weather Station Condition Patrol DSP310

The system collects road condition data and displays it on a smart phone on the dashboard of the vehicle. The data can also be brought back through the phone’s mobile network to be displayed in Vaisala’s road weather management software for the viewing by others in the agency. The Condition Patrol provides the following mobile measurements: road condition (dry, moist, wet, snow, ice), surface temperature, grip (slipperiness), dew point temperature, air temperature, humidity and layer thicknesses.

Key Benefits

Proven sensor technology
Core sensors provide a strong backbone for the measurements and they are perfectly suited to operate in the harsh exterior mobile environment.
Interface unit designed with the future in mind
All the data is collected by an interface unit that resides inside the vehicle. The interface unit creates a wireless network in the vehicle, so that no additional wires are needed to display the data on the smart phone application. It also allows for additional sensors to be added later as new technology is developed.
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