Road and Runway Surface and Depth Sensor DRS511

Vaisala Road / Runway Surface and Depth Sensor DRS511

Road and Runway Surface and Depth Sensor DRS511

Weather impacts the road surface constantly. Having a sensor that can provide as much information about the current state of the road is extremely valuable. The Vaisala Road Surface and Depth Sensor does just that, providing key information about road weather conditions. In addition, the DRS511 is able to accurately measure depth of water on the roadway, which can assist with determining hydroplaning.

Key Benefits

Calculates the amount of chemical on the measured surface
Very effective way to determine how chemicals will perform if additional moisture is introduced. The DRS511
also calculates the freeze point of the current solution as another decision point used by many winter maintenance decision makers.
Identifies surface state of the road or runway
The DRS511 not only provides the temperature of the surface, but it also detects the presence of moisture on the surface, and thus provides a road state such as dry, wet, ice, and snow.
Tried and true technology
The passive technology found in the DRS511 has been tested by institutions and authorities for years, so you know exactly how the sensor can aid in your operational decision making.






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