Wind Prospecting Tools

Vaisala’s online wind data provides easy access to important resources for the wind project developer. The Wind Prospecting Tools are ideal for efficiently prioritizing areas of high wind resource while the Wind Time Series Tools provide quick and easy access to the most recent reanalysis data available.

Wind Prospecting Tool
The Wind Prospecting Tools are ideal for efficiently prioritizing areas of high wind resource. Vaisala has created an easy to use interactive map using a numerical weather prediction (NWP) model run. This allows you to zoom in closely on a 2 arc minute (approximately 5km) grid to view localized wind resources. The prospecting tools quickly create eye-catching plots such as monthly mean wind speed, wind speed distribution, annual mean wind speed, and an annual mean wind rose. All the data are from a 10-year WRF model from NCEP/NCAR 1997 - 2006 and produce plots at hub heights of 20,50 or 80m. The prospecting tool is perfect for a wind developer searching for a region with high wind resource.

view of the wind procpecting tool

               View of Vaisala’s Wind Prospecting Tool

Wind Time Series Tool
Vaisala currently uses an ensemble of reanalysis data for wind assessments. The most prominent of these are ERA5, MERRA2, and NNRP-D. The Wind Time Series Tool is a quick and convenient way to visualize long-term time series from each reanalysis for their 40-year period. Vaisala will calculate monthly and annual wind speeds for most locations for any hub height between 50 - 200m. Any time series is available for download within 24 hours. The wind time series tool is ideal for wind developers who have an exact location in mind for a project.

wind time series tools view
               View of Vaisala’s Wind Time Series Tool
One month access
Prospecting Tools
Both Wind Prospecting and Time Series Tools
  • A one-month subscription which allows access to both the Wind Prospecting and Time Series Tools for up to one month and a download of up to two time series.


  • Access to the 5km x 5km global interactive color map
  • 10-year annual average wind speed, wind rose, Weibull parameters, and monthly averages
  • Available at the following hub heights: 20, 50, and 80 meters
  • Full access to the Prospecting Tools
  • Reanalysis data for wind direction, 2m air temperature, and surface pressure
  • Hub heights for any height between 50-200m for wind speed and wind direction
  • 1000 data file downloads per year
$500.00 $2,500.00 $5,000.00


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To purchase either the Standard or Premium plans, please contact a Vaisala representative via this link. Please note that contacting us with the intent of purchasing either plan does not guarantee instant access. Vaisala representatives may need up to 2-3 days to set up an account and provide login information.


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