Solar Resource Assessment

Solar resource assessment services from Vaisala

Solar Resource Assessment

Gain confidence in your solar project development and financing. Vaisala's solar resource assessments provide the most reliable record of long-term solar resource intensity and variability, particularly when on-site observations are integrated into the analysis.

Key Benefits

Long-term analysis customized to your location
As a leading innovator in atmospheric sciences, Vaisala offers custom reports for assessing large-scale solar projects anywhere in the world. Our analysis includes nearly two decades of hourly time series data derived using state-of-the-art satellite modeling techniques. When surface observations are available, this information is used to fine-tune our long-term records to the specific environmental context of your site for enhanced precision. Each report also provides a wealth of information on the key variables of GHI (Global Horizontal Irradiance), DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance), DIF (Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance), wind speed, and temperature and their long-term variability at your location.
Secure project financing
Vaisala has helped set the gold standard for solar resource assessment. We pioneered the integration of on-site observations with long-term satellite-derived solar resource records using advanced statistical techniques. Our approach significantly reduces error and bias and offers the most accurate assessment of your project’s solar resources. Other key meteorological variables, such as wind speed and temperature, are also evaluated since they can have a substantial impact on the long-term production potential of your project. This depth of information enables you to perform detailed site design, long-term financial modeling, and seek critical funding for your project. Our reports also include uncertainty and probability analysis as well as the 1-year and 10-year exceedance values typically required by financing institutions.
Make more informed decisions with a consistent approach
As a single assessment provider with global capabilities, Vaisala allows you to make more informed decisions whether you are developing projects in California or Rajasthan. Our reports are based on a global, high-resolution solar irradiance dataset and a uniform methodology. Now you can make accurate site-to-site comparisons and gain a clearer picture of the risks and opportunities for every potential site in your portfolio.