Solar Energy Performance Reconciliation

Regional Solar Energy Forecasting

Solar Energy Performance Reconciliation

Solar Performance Reconciliation helps you make sure existing projects are operating at optimum levels, diversify your portfolio of assets, and manage your pipeline of proposed sites.

Key Benefits

Optimize operations
Once a project is built, it is critical to monitor how it is performing compared to initial projections. Weather-adjusted production information makes it possible to understand when over or underperformance is caused by environmental conditions, ongoing equipment issues, or a simple lack of maintenance. Recognizing and resolving underperformance issues as early as possible helps maximize energy production, optimize operations, and proactively restructure financial and capacity obligations.
Manage your project pipeline
What if you had nearly two decades of data at all of your development sites? In the assessment phase, Solar Performance Reconciliation enables you to know earlier which sites are most promising and regularly evaluate and re-prioritize your entire portfolio of projects. Now you can justify investments and base vital decisions about capital deployment, equipment choices, and project priorities on scientifically-derived data at near real-time.​​
Easily integrate data
Solar resource information is delivered for each location via a data file in an easily integrated CSV file format either via FTP or API.