Solar Energy Due Diligence Services

Solar resource assessment services from Vaisala

Solar Energy Due Diligence Services

Vaisala's Solar Energy Due Diligence Services deliver the net energy estimates needed to make critical project investment and financing decisions

Key Benefits

Experience and information you can trust
With experience helping secure financing for more than 42GW of global solar capacity, Vaisala's expert team is one you can trust. We make use of our full long-term resource records spanning nearly two decades when determining our power estimates because it is the best method for quantifying risk and predicting how much revenue will vary month-to-month and year-to-year over a project's lifetime. Our team follows a rigorous energy due diligence process, including a two-stage review by experienced scientists and engineers to ensure the best practices are always followed and the best results delivered.
Multiple applications, multiple datasets
Vaisala’s Solar Energy Due Diligence services have been used to support project design, project financing and refinancing, portfolio reviews, energy auction bids and second opinions. Since our clients are located around the globe we strive to use only the highest quality resource data available. That is why we maintain and validated five different versions of our proprietary dataset that use different inputs and models to provide the most accurate results in the region where your project is located.
Services customized to your project
We quality control and incorporate all available on-site observations to enhance the accuracy of our methodology. In addition, we tailor losses, degradation schedules, and other inputs to each project site based on the project’s design and the local climate. If you aren’t certain of your project’s design, Vaisala’s experts can collaborate with you to ensure the most energetic outputs possible at your location. Our holistic solar risk framework uncertainty analysis means that both the developer and the financier can be confident of the results and fully informed of potential risks. ​