Wind Energy Forecasting

Wind multiforecast tool

Wind Energy Forecasting

Manage wind project operations while maximizing power production, improving integration, reducing imbalance charges, and trading in real-time, day-ahead, and other forward energy markets.

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Key Benefits

Access accurate hour, day, and week-ahead predictions with Vaisala's powerful forecast system. We use highly customized numerical weather prediction models, neural networks, real-time data feeds of site observations, thousands of real-time surface observations, and machine learning to deliver the most precise forecasts possible. Advanced verification tools also allow you to see exactly how our forecasts are performing, risk-adjust transactions, and access an unprecedented amount of historical forecast data.
Forecast information is delivered through a customizable dashboard interface, which includes easily interpreted graphics of wind production and other environmental conditions. Downloadable power and weather forecast data files offer easy integration with your own internal software and scheduling systems and can even be delivered through our API.
Customer support from weather experts
In today's competitive market, hiring a team of meteorologists and developing your own proprietary forecasting system isn't a practical solution for most companies. Our subscription model delivers an extremely high level of accuracy through an advanced forecasting system that is continually improved by an in-house team of scientists, all of whom are client facing.