Solar Energy Forecasting

Solar Energy Forecasting
Solar energy forecasting

Solar Energy Forecasting

​With more solar energy coming onto the grid every day, how can you successfully integrate and take advantage of this intermittent resource? Vaisala's solar forecast offers a competitive edge in effectively managing risk at your project and across your energy portfolio.

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Key Benefits

Make more profitable decisions with accurate, custom forecasts
Our solar forecasting system combines the latest in weather and data science to deliver accuracy and reliability. By leveraging powerful atmospheric models, machine learning, and 20 years of high-quality historical information from our global dataset, we tailor each forecast to its unique local environment.
Improve scheduling and reduce risk
Maximize solar generation and detect reduced production days in advance to better manage scheduling and integration - all while minimizing imbalance penalties and other downside risks.
Manage your thermal and renewable energy supply portfolio
Optimize your portfolio on a daily basis, allowing more efficient management across all your generation assets.