Regional Solar Energy Forecast

Regional Solar Energy Forecasting

Regional Solar Energy Forecast

As solar capacity grows so does its impact on the grid system and energy prices. Our forecast is designed to give energy traders, schedulers, and asset managers the information they need to reduce risk and make day-to-day financial and operational decisions with confidence. This day-ahead forecast enables you to bid into forward markets and proactively manage your assets based on scientifically supported predictions rather than reacting to real time constraints.

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Key Benefits

Accurate day-ahead regional forecasts
Using proven science and powerful modeling approaches we consistently outperform publicly-available solar forecasts
Convenient and security
Guaranteed 24/7 availability and a customizable dashboard interface. Easily set up your own permissions system with usernames and passwords for access to information. A secure password protected web host server is also provided for all data transfers.
Our model and data hardware will continually adapt as new solar projects come online and new data becomes available to ensure the highest forecasting accuracy.​