Traffic Sign Inventory with Computer Vision

Traffic Sign Inventory - Map View

Traffic Sign Inventory with Computer Vision

Automated identification of road signs and their position on the network. The system is not only detecting but also mapping your network signs. In continuous use, it also enables tracking of missing or damaged signs. Available through RoadAI or API to your existing asset inventory software.

  • Autonomous detection and classification of traffic signs.
  • Traffic sign localization and inventory on RoadAI portal.

Key Benefits

Sign inventory enables asset management of safety critical objects on a map
Easily integrate traffic signs with verification images into your map/GIS software with WMS API. Access underlying vector data through Excel/CSV exports.
Use your own images or record videos with Vaisala´s video recording tools
Use the smart phone application for raw data collection while in transit. Generate automatic inventory and detection of relevant traffic signs with computer vision.
Monitor your network and receive if signs are missing or new ones are added
Using mobile phones for video production and computer vision for up-to-date data extraction enables production of spatial data cost efficiently. Additional hardware is not required and manual inspections can be automated.