Route Manager

Vehicles on the road using Vaisala Route manager

Route Manager

Route Manager helps road authorities ensure their network is treated in the most efficient way possible with a web-based route optimization service that significantly reduces the time and effort involved to create treatment routes based on network priorities and available resources.

Key Benefits

Route Efficiency
Import details of your network together with available resources – such as depot locations and vehicle capacity – to produce fully optimized routes with turn-by-turn instructions in record time. You want to be sure you are plowing or treating as efficiently as possible to keep roads free of ice and snow so that you meet public expectations within budget.
Network Prioritization
Redesign your route network while ensuring that certain parts of your network are prioritized to ensure that roads that are more prone to weather or are more heavily used are targeted first. This will allow you to focus your treatments on the highest priority areas. Run scenarios with different priorities in mind.
Scenario Planning
Easily change the resources available to you in terms of fleets, truck capacity and depots and then quickly run different scenarios from the web user interface. Road authorities are often under pressure to deliver the best service with the resources available. You may be required to run scenarios on your existing network to ensure you can still efficiently treat your network under changed circumstances.