RoadAI: Visual Management of Data

RoadAI: Visual Management of Data

RoadAI is your dedicated online portal which allows you to easily view all of your data and imagery from your network or site. It features a dynamic range of tools for interacting with your data and provides at-a-glance views on the state of specific assets, network wide. From here you can confidently conduct your operations with full situational awareness. Collect data from individual units, fleets, crowdsourcing or even UAV's with Viominer for viewing on your RoadAI portal.

Key Benefits

Mapped visual data
View all of your recorded routes, annotations, computer vision detections and their respective imagery on a preferred base map with metadata.
Sensor data and analytics
Road and air temperatures, roughness, and additional sensor data are both mapped using color grading and can be visualized alongside video.
Work planning and reporting tools
Interact with points of interest supported by computer vision to prioritize operations, assign case specific tasks or export them as reports for your organization.
Data management tools
Leverage various filters and lists to visualize data based on your criteria.
Sharing your data
Allow other departments or organizations to access and view your data as specified by invitations and permissions set by you.
API support
Use your data on other platforms with the use of API functionality.


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