Road Surface Cracking Identification

Road Surface Cracking Identification

Cracking, potholes and other pavement defects are usually inspected manually. Vaisala's unique computer vision service enables assessment of the road surface from video data, to visualize the extent of surface cracking on your network's roadways. Results are presented on your RoadAI portal or through APIs.

  • Autonomous detection of cracking and classification of severity.
  • Road surface cracking localization on RoadAI portal.

Key Benefits

Verifiable, visual interpretation of the condition of each road
Data is easy to verify because visual data is accessible next to the results.
Cost efficient data collection
No need for a separate inventory process, but road inspectors may produce data themselves. Get results in a fraction of the time when compared to manual surveys.
Reliable data through objective measurements
Quantity of pavement defects are objectively measured and data is highly reliable.