Weather File Feed

Raw weather data batch files contain forecasts and current conditions updated on a continual basis for a fixed location list. Vaisala provides a raw weather data feed in an easy-to-use format that is ideal for integrating location-based weather information into proprietary systems. The feed is available as XML and delimited ASCII formats. The data contains weather information for up to 80.000 locations world-wide.

Weather Parameters Available

Depending on the package chosen (Standard, Premium), the feed contains current conditions data from relevant local weather stations and weather forecasts for up to 14 days. For special purposes, customized feeds are also available upon request.


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Key Benefits

Current Conditions
Current weather conditions are shown for the named locations based on the nearest weather stations. Vaisala gathers the observation data only from the official SYNOP and METAR weather stations to ensure high-quality data. The file is updated at least every 15 minutes, but the update frequency of any given observation station's data depends on the transmitting frequency of the station, which typically varies between 10 minutes and 3 hours; there are also some manual stations that do not measure during the night. When we choose which stations to use, we try to ensure that the weather conditions are as close as possible to the ones at the location they represent. Optionally, the feed provides also the observations from the past day for selected stations and parameters.
Hourly Forecast
With hourly forecast data you are able to provide weather forecasts in one-hour-steps. Hourly forecast are adequate to show detailed weather forecast of the current day as a table or graphical module. Forecasts are updated at least four times per day.
Daily Overview Forecast
Daily forecast is a 24-hour summary of the day. The data is provided for the next 14 days, including the current day. Forecasts are updated at least four times per day.
5-Day Forecast
For the next five days, the feed contains all the most consumed weather parameters in 3- or 6-hour time steps depending on the chosen service level.
30-Day Forecast
A set of parameters are optionally provided for the next 30 days.