Road Condition Analysis with RoadAI

Cracking, surface deterioration and other road surface defects are usually inspected manually or carried out by third-party inspectors. RoadAI provides a new, faster and more reliable way to execute assessment for planning and maintenance. Once road surface video data has been collected with the mobile data collection application, Vaisala's computer vision platform enables automated assessment to visualize the extent of defects present on your network's roadways. Increase preventive maintenance efficiency with RoadAI’s easily-deployable and cost-effective road condition analysis solution. RoadAI pavement analysis provides detailed road network insights, information for evidence-based prioritization of scarce resources and tools for reporting to support operations.

•    Automated detection of pavement defects and classification of severity.
•    Road surface defects are localized and presented on RoadAI portal as both heatmaps and lists; API supported.
•    Visual material of road surfaces is accessible side by side with pavement data.

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Key Benefits

Verifiable visual interpretation of every road condition
No need for a separate inventory process when road inspectors can produce data themselves. Get results in a fraction of the time when compared to manual surveys.
Reliable data through objective measurements
Objective measurement of pavement defect quantities produces highly reliable data.
Objective decision-making
Objective decision-making supported by situational awareness and up-to-date visual data.
Cost savings
Cost savings through objective data for budgeting and planning phases. Accurate timely data enables proactive maintenance operation.
Benefit from a bird's-eye view and study your roads based on road defect level
Communicate the status of your roads to council members and other stakeholders with both visual and numerical information.

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