Traffic Sign Inventories and Change Detection with RoadAI

Benefit from time and cost savings with Vaisala’s Computer Vision services, replacing resource intensive manual inspections with automated traffic sign inventories supporting change detection. Once road video data has been collected with the mobile data collection application, computer vision will detect, classify and map all signs present within your network on RoadAI portal along with valuable metadata. In continuous use, road video data collection can be easily integrated into everyday operations, enabling tracking of changes including missing or damaged signs.
•    Automated detection and classification of traffic signs.
•    Traffic signs are localized and presented on RoadAI portal as point objects and list inventories; API supported.

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Key Benefits

Easily accessible visual material and traffic sign metadata
Easily integrate traffic signs with verification images into your map/GIS software with WMS API. Access underlying vector data through Excel/CSV exports.
Use your own images or record videos with Vaisala´s mobile data collection application
Use the mobile application for raw data collection while in transit to generate automatic inventories and detect relevant traffic signs with computer vision.
Monitor your network and receive notifications if signs are missing or new ones are added