Data Collection and Reporting with RoadAI

For those who work on networks for maintenance the simplicity and efficiency to make notes is essential. Viominer is a tool that will support you in executing with effectiveness while saving you time and increasing your safety. Keep your notes with you at all times, or share them, in a digital format backed by video material. Secure data storage is conveniently accessible through Viominer as well as your RoadAI map-based web portal.

Video reporting is an essential part of environmental and transport network related operations. Vaisala´s Viominer mobile application enables you to collect material with handheld smart devices, action cameras, drones and more. Sharing and management of visual documents is extremely simple. Viominer downloaded to a mobile phone enables fast and hassle free capture of network imagery.

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Key Benefits

Reporting tools
Automatically mark geo-referenced points of interest using powerful reporting tools such as voice recognition technology for tagging observations by audio or text which can be viewed on the user map. Share documents and data with a click.
High-definition documentation
Record up-to-date HD videos and images of your network for visualization on the RoadAI map. Harness computer vision capabilities to automatically generate data from your network imagery.
Sensor data
Benefit from mapped sensor data generated immediately during the recording process such as graded road surface roughness, road surface anomalies or integrate sensors for surface pavement temperature and more. There are no limits or restrictions in combining Bluetooth based devices and sensors to support your data needs.