Vaisala MMT330 Transmitter Approved for Installation in MAN Diesel & Turbo Two-Stroke Diesel Engines

Nov 23, 2010
Press Releases

MAN Diesel & Turbo, the world market leader for large diesel engines used in ships, has approved the Vaisala HUMICAP® Moisture and Temperature Transmitter MMT330 Series for installation in the lubricating oil system of their MAN B&W two-stroke diesel engines.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has introduced on-line condition-based water-in-oil monitoring to their MAN B&W marine two-stroke diesel engines, in order to protect their critical components. Severe damages can be avoided by monitoring wear in the major bearings and water contamination in the lubrication oil.

In order to identify suitable vendors, MAN Diesel & Turbo conducted an extensive testing of commercial water-in-oil sensors. The goal was to verify the measurement accuracy of the sensors under conditions similar to those in two-stroke marine diesel engine installations. The test results were also evaluated on the basis of the accuracy of two alarm level values - a high alarm of water activity 0.5 and 0.9.

"The engine is the heart of a ship. Ensuring its operation is a truly business-critical task. It is great that a leading engine manufacturer has identified Vaisala as a reliable supplier with products to suit their needs," says Senja Leivo, Senior Industry Expert at Vaisala.