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The power industry is currently facing the challenges of equipment coming to the end of its operational life, the impact of overload situations, as well as an increasing number of network stressors. Vaisala offers a diverse portfolio of real-time online measurement transmitters for utilities who want to mitigate these risks and safeguard their critical assets. Learn how your team can safely increase equipment performance and prepare timely maintenance plans to prevent unexpected outages. 

Synthetic Esters in Online DGA

In this expert webinar, Senja Leivo and Toni Mellin discuss synthetic esters, how they are used as an insulation liquid for transformers and the benefits and challenges when it comes to Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA).  

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Unique properties and benefits of ester liquids 
  • Challenges for DGA monitoring
  • Ester compatibility for the Optimus™ OPT100 online DGA monitor
  • An expert Q&A session
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Synthetic Esters in DGA Webinar

The Science of Moisture in Transformers

Our Latest Q&A eBook


The Vaisala four-part webinar series on The Science of Moisture in Transformers sparked questions from across the industry. With topics from moisture theory to sensors and monitoring, Senja Leivio and team have gathered your most frequently asked questions and compiled them in a simple-to-use eBook. Click below for the most asked questions about Moisture in Transformers.

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Moisture in Transformers Q&A Ebook

Measuring Moisture In Transformers? Don't Miss Out

Learn 9 core strategies for monitoring moisture in transformers online. 

In this on-demand webinar, learn the 9 core strategies for monitoring moisture in transformers online.  Vaisala's Senja Leivo and Riku Rantala go head to head to discuss their practicalities and real life lessons.   The two experts tag team audience questions while providing insight to the below topics: 

  • Should you observe %RS or PPM?
  • Calibration of probes
  • Probe installation tips & tricks 
  • The "real" differences in insulation liquids, from minerals to esters
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High Voltage Asset Monitoring



Power eGuide

Measurement Instruments for the Power Industry

The reliable online measurement of dissolved gases and moisture in transformer oil, dew point, humidity, density, temperature, and pressure helps to ensure that high-voltage assets can operate at maximum efficiency while supporting predictive maintenance practices designed to extend asset lifetime.  

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Panel Discussion: Vaisala & Delta-X Research collaborate to gain insight on aging transformers

Discover all there is to offer from Vaisala's OPT100 Mobile and Delta X Research's TOA software during our on-demand webinar featuring AES Indiana.  During this round table event AES Indiana, Vaisala, and Delta-X Research will expand upon the newly published Case Study and all the critical data this collaboration was able to provide. 

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OPT100 Mobile Vaisala Delta-X

The OPT100 Mobile

Stay ahead of the curve with these key features. 

  • Deploy anywhere in under 2 hours
  • NIDR self calibrating/reference ensures long term stable measurement
  • Site specific oil calibration functions provides better accuracy and minimizes cross sensitivity
  • Vacuum gas extraction ensure better precision and accuracy
  • Maintenance free design means no consumables or manual calibrations
  • Multi-gas online DGA provides 7 fault gas analysis and integrated Analytical software

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Trailblazing the way in online predictive maintenance for transformers. With zero-maintenance, no consumables, and vacuum gas extraction system,  the Vaisala OPT100 Mobile helps you prioritize your transformer fleet while reducing unintended labor costs.  Click below to learn about having the Vaisala Power team and the OPT100 Mobile at your substation to do a no-cost live demo.

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