Onshore Observations

Ports, Coastal and Waterways

Building on almost 80 years of experience, Vaisala has a decades-long tradition in serving customers in more than 120 countries. Unique understanding of weather measurement, long experience and global presence has made Vaisala the preferred weather solution supplier to many Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) organizations and system integrators. Our reference deliveries range from meteo/hydro sensors for navigation aids and automatic weather stations for VTS systems to turnkey network weather solutions for Coastal Surveillance System (CSS), which consist of a large number of automatic weather stations with sensors, telemetry, network data collection, management and visualization software, installation and maintenance services.​

Onshore applications

Coastal Weather Observations

Coastal weather observation systems provide accurate and timely information to improve maritime safety and efficient navigation of ships when approaching ports.

Port Weather Monitoring

Port operations and safety are continuously impacted by often rapidly shifting, sometimes highly localized, conditions of weather and sea. Accurately observed, analyzed and communicated local weather and sea state information helps port users to make right...