Runway monitoring and airport visual inspections

Safety critical inspections and monitoring tasks supported by easily documented visual inspections and automated decision support.

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Mobile data collection platform for airports - powered by artificial intelligence

Airport surveys and runway inspections made easy

Our simple data collection platform enables recording of visual runway inspections as well as lighting, etc. surveys. Computer vision can support analysis and decisions that are done concerning runway state or infrastructure related maintenance works.

Airport Computer Vision

Documented history of all works on map and database

  • RoadAI enables video and image documentation of all environment and asset related issues
  • Use both for runway and field inspections, as well as construction site documentation
  • Use cameras or smart phones to generate your own data
Runway from Cockpit

Computer vision services for airports

  • Runway state analysis support for managers. Computer vision provides objective analysis for DSS
  • Runway cracks
  • Pavement marking condition analysis supports decisions on repainting needs

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