Future of mobility and weather

What should be our next computer vision, mobility, or weather related solutions?

Weather will continue to have tremendous impact on how people and goods will actually move in the future, regardless the types of vehicles, technologies, and services making that movement possible. If a person can confidently identify an object in an image or video then we can ‘teach’ the computer to also identify this object class automatically. This means that there are many possible ways forward for Vaisala’s services, and here are just some ideas; where do You think we should go next?

Computer vision services for airports and rails

Airport Computer Vision

Runway monitoring and visual airport inspections

Support safety critical runway inspections, monitoring tasks and e.g. lighting surveys with easy documentation and automated decision support.

Computer Vision - rail user interface

Railroad videos and automated monitoring

Conduct planning, maintenance and safety related inspections, as well as sign and signaling inventories and condition monitoring in closed rail networks - automatically.

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