We have identified several megatrends that affect and drive Vaisala’s business. These transformational shifts provide both a source for inspiration and opportunities for growth. We constantly assess markets and technologies to find new ways to engage with these megatrends. Together with our customers, we can create solutions to the pressing societal and environmental challenges posed by these trends.

Climate Change

Climate Change

Vaisala helps its customers to establish weather observation networks and build up capabilities that improve their capacity to assess, predict, and prepare for extreme weather. In addition, we support the scientific community in its efforts to increase knowledge of our changing climate and its impacts, by enabling the most accurate observations of the world.

Our aim is to help nations to better understand their vulnerabilities and risks as well as become more resilient to climate change through state-of-the-art environmental observations and forecasting.

Big Data

Digitalization & Big Data

Data gathered through Vaisala’s weather observation platforms establishes a basis for decision-making by governmental organizations, research organizations, and the public. We deliver decision support by integrating data from our observation platforms and open data sources into applications that provide observational intelligence for effective operations and better decisions.

We focus on meeting the expanding needs and requirements of customers across multiple industries and application areas; for example, in meteorology, transportation, air quality, renewable energy, and power industry.



Vaisala provides reliable instruments, systems, and digital solutions to measure air quality and road weather as well as urban weather and microclimates. This helps smart cities overcome their challenges with urbanization and meet their objectives with regards to sustainability, economic growth, safety, and well-being.

From the viewpoint of urbanization and industrial growth, we offer diverse and advanced measurement technologies needed in environments that require precise and constant monitoring, such as hospitals, subways, and large manufacturing facilities.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Various forms of clean and renewable energy are growing and becoming increasingly competitive. Vaisala’s measurement technologies help developers and owners get more out of their wind power plants. The atmosphere is a valuable asset that Vaisala’s customers can leverage as a source of clean and renewable energy.

Future of Mobility

Future of Mobility

Vaisala provides solutions that help transportation authorities and operators to ensure the safety and efficiency of road, rail, sea, and air transport. Vaisala fuses measurements, computer vision observations, forecasts, and open data into intelligence and decision support for authorities and contractors that maintain and operate transportation infrastructure.

This will be increasingly important as new modes of mobility arise and become more common. For example, autonomous vehicles require an increasing amount of road state analysis and environmental observations to support safe and efficient traffic in various conditions. Hence, also the future road and infrastructure maintenance needs to match the needs of these new modes of transportation.

Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy

Vaisala’s industrial measurement solutions improve productivity, endproduct quality, and resource efficiency in industrial processes.

Our instruments have a very long lifetime and they operate reliably even in harsh environmental conditions. For example, for the very demanding biogas process, we have developed a solution that enables biogas plants to improve their production yield and get more value out of waste by optimizing the biogas production process.

Health, Surgery, Hospitals

Well-Being & Health

Technological advances make it possible to increase environmental monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions to secure people’s health and well-being.

Vaisala’s indoor air quality solutions safeguard and optimize living and working conditions inside buildings. In the area of health and wellbeing, accurate and reliable monitoring of conditions is particularly important, for example, in laboratories, hospitals, and incubators. Our solutions also help to monitor the conditions in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing and supply chains, guaranteeing the quality and safety of medicines.

Vaisala’s ambient air quality sensors, on the other hand, monitor urban environments and provide data for better decision-making to improve health and quality of life.

Energy efficient data centers

Energy Efficiency

Vaisala’s measurement technologies improve energy efficiency by optimizing the control of many industrial processes. We help customers in a multitude of energy intensive industries to reduce energy consumption as well as improve operations.

To improve the energy efficiency of buildings, our building automation solutions optimize indoor air and conserve energy through accurate measurement of humidity, carbon dioxide, and temperature.

Sustainability awareness

Sustainability Awareness

Trust, reliability, quality, respect, and sustainability lay the foundation for our business. As an industry leader, we incorporate sustainability into our operations, providing long-lasting, reliable products and solutions to our customers.

We have a positive impact on society through our customers, as they apply our solutions towards reaching their own sustainability targets.

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