Weather Data

Comprehensive weather data services for automotive, winter maintenance and municipal customers, and other professional users. Previously provided by Foreca, and now part of Vaisala portfolio of weather data services.

We make weather information easily accessible for you via our robust and trustworthy weather APIs. Our interfaces support coordinate based queries and location name based searches in all major languages. We commit to provide unprecedented accuracy in weather forecasting by combining meteorological expertise with cutting-edge data science.

Weather API

Global point weather forecasts available through coordinate or place name queries
The Weather API delivers quality weather forecasts to every...

Weather Map API

Weather Maps for Location based services and applications
Weather Map API provides weather forecasts and observations as map overlays worldwide...

Road Weather Data

The driving condition forecasts
The Road Weather data API provides real-time calculated driving condition forecasts to any coordinate...

Weather Warnings

Unified governmental warnings
Weather warnings issued by governmental institutions in various countries worldwide are gathered into our database and...

Weather Notification API

Set and receive push-notifications based on weather forecasts
The Weather Notifications API enables you to set weather-driven push notifications...

Weather History

Historical Weather Observations
If you want to know what the weather was in a certain location at a certain date in the past, the Weather...
Radars and Different Operational Applications

Severe Weather API

Adverse and severe weather conditions
The Severe Weather API provides information on adverse and severe weather conditions forecast for any location...

Marine Weather

Provides information and forecasts of waves, water temperatures and tides of the oceans and seas worldwide
Marine Weather can be used as a standalone...

Weather File Feed

Weather data delivered as XML or delimited ASCII format file feed
Raw weather data batch files contain forecasts and current conditions updated on a...

Contact our professional weather services experts directly

Previous Foreca B2B professional weather services contacts continue to serve you at Vaisala:

  • For winter maintenance and energy applications in Sweden, please contact Elina Heed
  • For automotive weather data applications globally, please contact Petri Marjava  
  • For municipal weather and data services globally, as well as winter maintenance and energy applications please contact Vaisala sales