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The recent "wind drought" in Europe led us to compare wind and solar anomalies in Europe, India, and worldwide. Here's what we found.

Does the sun shine more brightly during a wind drought?

This July, heatwaves throughout Europe shrunk lakes, dried riverbeds, and turned lawns brown. The high temperatures also affected wind energy production — enough so that people began speaking of a “wind drought,” and several major utilities reported lower-than-expected earnings.

At Vaisala, we wondered if the heatwave would be correlated with higher-than-normal solar resource, and if this had implications for using these two sources of renewable energy in tandem. When wind is low, can solar pick up the slack?

By producing "correlation maps" showing the relationship between wind and solar resource, we were able to draw some fascinating conclusions, To read the article, please fill out the short form on this page.

Wind Drought and Solar Resource - Eloqua form

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