Textiles Softening Bath


Textile softening is an essential finishing process in the making of fabrics. In softening, the fabric is passed through an immersion bath containing a softener solution via rollers. The concentration of the bath must be monitored and kept constant in order to obtain a consistent end-product quality.

  • During the treatment, the fabric may bring some water with it (e.g. if it comes from a previous dyeing step), thus diluting the bath. In such cases, the softener needs to be replenished to bring its concentration back to the optimal level.
  • On the other hand, if dry fabric is treated, it will absorb some water and increase the concentration of softener.

Vaisala K-PATENTS® Refractometer PR-43-GC is installed in the recycling line of the bath after the pump. The refractometer is mounted on a pipe bend, for a better flow velocity and self-cleaning effect.

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Textile Softening Bath

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