Textile Sizing Process


The yarn sizing process is essential in reducing breakage and thus avoiding stoppages during weaving. Improved quality, as well as smoother surface finish, will be achieved by sizing the strength and abrasion resistance of the yarn. Different types of water soluble polymers known as textiles sizing agents/chemicals are used to protect the yarn.

Before the yarn can be woven, it needs to be strengthened to withstand the stress sustained in weaving on a high-speed industrial looms. For this purpose, the yarn is passed through a sizing bath that contains the sizing medium, mixed with water and other additives depending on the formula. The sizing medium is mixed to achieve the correct level of concentration before loading it into the sizing bath.

The concentration of the sizing baths need to be monitored as it may fluctuate depending on evaporation and yarn absorption. Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometer PR-43-G is usually mounted in a circulation loop to provide adequate product flow across the prism.

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Textile Sizing Process

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