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An Industry of Innovators featuring:

Dr. Julia Gottshall - Wind Energy Systems (IWES)

Dr. Julia Gottshall

No platform, no problem
Dr. Julia Gottshall and the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems (IWES) have developed new strategies for using lidar for offshore wind resource assessment, on both buoys and ships.

Eric Simley, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Eric Simley

Next-generation turbine control
Eric Simley and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) show how to use nacelle-mounted lidar for new wind farm control operations.

Atsushi Yoshimura, Green Power Investments (GPI)

Atsushi Yoshimura

Power in crowded waters
Atsushi Yoshimura and Green Power Investments (GPI) use long-range 3D scanning lidar in a creative way to satisfy stringent resource assessment standards — the first time lidar has been used for such a purpose in Japan.

Peter Rosenbusch_Leosphere

Peter Rosenbusch

The versatility of lidar
Peter Rosenbusch, Head of Wind Energy Science for Leosphere, a Vaisala company, has seen firsthand many innovative lidar applications. He covers the principles of lidar and provides an overview of how different lidar types can be leveraged for a variety of use cases.

eBook: An industry of innovators

An industry of innovators

Our new eBook, "An industry of innovators," follows several of our partners as they use WindCube lidar to accelerate research and create change in wind energy.

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