Connecting Research & Applications at ILDC/ILMC 2018

The International Lightning Detection Conference (ILDC) and International Lightning Meteorology Conference (ILMC) is a biannual scientific conference focused on lightning detection topics and meteorological applications for lightning data. It brings together global participants and lightning experts to present new detection technologies, research findings, and new applications.

Next ILDC/ILMC Will be Held March 12-15, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

At ILDC/ILMC the research community and those using and applying lightning data can inspire each other, with new research in the field of lightning, and through improving daily life with applied use of lightning data. Many of the top lightning scientists in the world attend the ILDC/ILMC, and it is a great opportunity to present your research or application, and network with lightning experts from around the world.

International Lightning Detection Conference (ILDC)

The ILDC provides a valuable forum for the discussion of lightning physics, research findings, lightning network performance and innovations in lightning technology. Topics range from global to local lightning detection, and recent research findings that lead to real time uses for lightning data’s impact on society, such as electric power distribution and transmission and telecommunications performance.

International Lightning Meteorology Conference (ILMC)

The ILMC provides a valuable forum for discussion of all cloud-to-ground and cloud lightning applications that impact society.

Announcing 2018 ILDC/ILMC Invited Speakers and Roundtable Topics 

Invited Speakers for the 2018 conference include: 

Dr. Martin Uman - Recent Research Highlights from the University of Florida/Florida Institute of Technology International Center for Lightning Research and Testing
Dr. Marcelo M.F. Saba - Top 10 High-Speed Lightning Videos
Dr. Kristin Calhoun - Using of Lightning Data in Identifying/Nowcasting High-Impact Weather
Dr. Mark DeMaria - Applications of Lightning Data to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction
Ronald Miller - How American Airlines Uses Lightning Data for Ground Crew Safety
John Saltenberger - Lightning and Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest of the USA
Joe Flasher - Amazon Web Services' Open Data Sets for Analysis
Dr. Vladimir A. Rakov - CIGRE's Role in Lightning Applications
Dr. Kenneth L. Cummins - Overview of Lightning Detection

Scheduled roundtable discussions will focus on these important lightning topics:

  • Lightning Safety Policies
  • African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics Network (ACLE)
  • Ramp Closures and Lightning Distances - Creating Policies for Airport Ramp Closures

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Every other year the conference brings together global participants and lightning experts to present new detection technologies, research findings, and new applications. 

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