ICAO’s GRF framework in practice

Achieving safety and compliance in runway operations

With the arrival of ICAO’s new Global Reporting Format (GRF) in November 2021, airports are working hard to stay compliant and ensure safety and efficiency. GRF adopts many practices from the FAA’s Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) initiative.It expands this framework into a globally harmonized method of assessing and reporting runway conditions that impact aircraft safety.

Although GRF places new demands on airports, pilots, and other personnel, new technology can empower them with more meaningful data, improved awareness, and better decision-making.

Why GRF exists

Runway excursions pose significant safety- and efficiency-related problems. Along with obvious risks to passengers and crew, operational disruption and substantial financial losses can threaten airlines and airports. GRF addresses these risk factors through a unified, shared vocabulary of assessment and reporting. It also recognizes the insufficiency of current mitigation strategies and technologies.


Gain a detailed understanding of the new GRF guidelines, how they will impact airport operations, and how new technologies can ensure compliance while creating new efficiencies and savings.

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