Hydrotreaters / Aromatic Content Measurement


Hydrotreating is used to purify and saturate olefins and aromatics in all final and intermediate refinery feedstocks. The purpose of saturating the olefins and aromatics is to reduce their presence in the hydrocarbons and to improve the feedstock to the other refinery processes such as the catalytic cracker. 

Real-time indication of the aromatic content of the hydrocarbon stream

Download the application note to learn how Vaisala K-PATENTS® Process Refractometer PR-43-GP provides real-time in-line indication of the aromatic content of the hydrocarbon stream. The refractometer provides Ethernet and 4-20 mA output signals that can be used for adjusting:

•    either reactor temperature, 
•    hydrogen make-up ratio or 
•    the feedstock blend

to achieve the required aromatic ratio.

Download our application note in PDF by filling in the form.

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Hydrotreaters / Aromatic Content Measurement

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