Free Wind and Solar Resource Maps

Global wind and solar maps

Vaisala makes its resource maps Services resource maps broadly available to illustrate the potential of renewable energy around the globe. The maps are regularly published for a wide variety of media, academic, governmental, and commercial purposes.

The maps are based on the latest science and technology available, and they are rendered in a way that is both intuitive and aesthetically appealing. As a result, they have become the standard for renewable resource maps.

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Terms and Conditions - Free Wind & Solar Resource Maps

Commercial use by for-profit companies does require specific permission. However, permission is generally offered at no cost unless you require a custom or non-Vaisala branded map. To request permission, please contact us.

Other non-commercial users may download the maps below at no cost. Vaisala grants you indefinite license to use and republish the maps under the following terms: By downloading a free resource map, you acknowledge that:

  • Vaisala retains all rights, title, and interest in the information provided by the maps and the map images, including copyright, and all other intellectual property rights;
  • Vaisala reserves the right to revoke your license at any time;
  • The images may not be visually altered in any way, either to the map image, or to eliminate or obscure the Vaisala logo;
  • The copyright notice (e.g. Copyright (c) 2017 Vaisala) must also be displayed in close proximity to each map image, but it may be included in a caption if the size of the map image makes the included copyright notice unreadable;
  • You may not resell the images or otherwise use them for commercial gain.