Comprehensive multi-gas DGA for your critical power transformers

The Vaisala Optimus™ DGA Monitor gives you out of the box performance and offers the best long-term stable measurements – with no maintenance.

The monitor’s IR sensor is based on Vaisala core measurement technology and components manufactured in Vaisala cleanrooms. Vacuum gas extraction means no data fluctuation due to oil temperature, pressure, or type, while the hermetically sealed and protected optics prevent sensor contamination. The result? - No more false alarms.

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"When it comes to transformer maintenance, there really is no such thing as a quick fix," commented Senja Leivo. "As transformer fleets continue to operate past their designed life span, online DGA monitoring is essential if internal faults are to be detected and addressed promptly and efficiently. It also provides an invaluable 'health check' following repairs and other service actions, demonstrating exactly how effective this work has been in targeting the root causes of gas build-up."

-  Senja Leivo, Senior Industry Expert