AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter - Modernize your air quality observation network

The new Vaisala AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter provides world-class accuracy, reliability, and performance. The AQT530 is the ideal sensor for measuring the top priority pollutants in real time, so you can actively inform citizens, increase awareness, and decrease the effects of pollution. 

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The AQT530 uses the latest technology including:

  • Laser particulate counter that allows for counting and categorizing of particulate matter instead of estimation
  • Intelligent humidity management to improve the lifetime of gas sensing elements in high humidity conditions
  • Robust temperature and humidity sensor using Vaisala HUMICAP™ technology

Replacing the AQT400 series Air Quality Transmitters, the AQT530 is now available for upgrading or adding to your local air quality measurement network. When you upgrade to the new sensor, you’ll also gain new software, solid data security, and modern technology that enables continuous improvements.

 Vaisala AQT530 Air Quality Transmitter - Upgrade options

1. Sensor only
If you currently use an AQT400 series sensor, you can upgrade to the AQT530. Contact us to learn more about the replacement process.

2. Sensor connected with Vaisala MOG100 gateway
If you are currently operating your sensors using Vaisala MOG, please contact us to learn about newer affordable options, as MOG does not support the AQT530. 

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