Conventional road pavement condition surveys are traditionally performed manually. In general, these inventories are expensive, error-prone, slow, resource-intensive, and therefore, infrequent. The solution? Pavement condition analysis requires high-quality data and a reliable methodology to support decision-making. Unlike traditional pavement condition assessment, RoadAI is a user-friendly tool that enables the operator to collect data using a smartphone without the need for the presence of a second person in the vehicle.

AI on the road eBook explains how AI is being applied to pavement condition inventory through technologies such as Vaisala’s RoadAI, delivering new efficiencies and business outcomes.

Download the ebook to learn how: 

  • the Vaisala RoadAI system combines live road video with state-of-the-art analytics for carrying out road inspections
  • why pavement condition inventory is such an excellent artificial intelligence (AI) use case
  • data can be collected on the same ride as a normally scheduled safety inspection or daily road patrol
  • ideal best practices using AI

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