Vaisala is advancing renewable energy


Wind and solar are evolving

As the pathways to a healthier, greener, more innovative future, Vaisala understands the potential — and the stakes — of this evolution.

Today, we are the only company offering complete, end-to-end renewable energy solutions that give users industry-leading integration, scalability, and data quality. See how we’re poised to change everything.

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We're well on our way

In 2018, Vaisala welcomed Leosphere — maker of the legendary WindCube® lidar suite — to our global family. There was no better way to expand our range of capabilities, add energy to our entire organization, and enable customers to do things they never could before.

Integrating Leosphere’s highly respected people and solutions has been methodical and highly advantageous, and today the integration is complete. Leosphere is now Vaisala.

You can explore our full suite of WindCube lidars on our new Wind Energy page.

Our priorities at work

As we’ve grown and enhanced our focus in renewable energy, we’ve put our own priorities into practice:


Thoughtful evolution

Remain a pioneer in renewable energy, always providing sensible, trusted solutions at the leading edge of R&D.

Smarter at every stage

Provide end-to-end weather and environmental solutions and critical insights throughout the renewable energy life cycle.

Legacy of leadership

Extend our proven track record and global trust to reach more customers in more ways.

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Solar Energy

Never decide in the dark. See how Vaisala weather and environmental technologies create better decisions throughout the solar energy life cycle.


Wind Energy

Anchored by the legendary WindCube wind lidar suite, Vaisala’s wind energy solutions are unrivaled in their comprehensiveness and value. Discover 360 solutions with fully integrated, globally trusted sensing and digital services.


A planet full of potential awaits

Vaisala’s renewable energy solutions expand the boundaries of knowledge and encourage new ways of thinking, elevating wind and solar customers around the globe so they can meet the greatest energy challenges of our time.

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