Wireless monitoring system with VaiNet Technology


Introducing the long-range wireless technology of the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System: VaiNet.

VaiNet enables superior signal strength that penetrates concrete walls and metal structures eliminating the need for repeaters and amplifiers and ensuring data integrity and security. VaiNet operates independently of your existing wireless networks, leaving them unencumbered for other operational use. For applications where wireless is not an option, viewLinc supports networked data loggers, transmitters, and devices via any combination of Ethernet, PoE and USB. Learn more about RFL100  series data loggers for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide.

We also offer Wi-Fi data loggers for use on your existing Wi-Fi network. To see all our options for wirelessly networking the viewLinc system, see our connectivity guide. For an outline of our data loggers and sensors, see our monitoring system device guide.

 Contact your local sales representative to learn which wireless data logger options are available in your region.

Resistant to interference, interception and multi-path fading (reflections)
RFL data loggers have a typical battery life of 18 months
Data loggers connect to the system as soon as they are turned on
Automatic recovery from power and network outages
Signal strength between access points and data loggers determines the optimum data path
Temperature & RH RFL data loggers use 2 standard AA alkaline 1.5 Volt batteries
Available parameters include temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide
Probe replacement service available in some regions
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viewLinc Enterprise Server Software
We know that reliable monitoring systems work in the background, safeguarding assets. You never need to interact with the system until there's an alarm. This means most continuous monitoring system users don't interact with their monitoring software very often. viewLinc was designed with an intuitive user interface that provides learn-through-use screen tips and functional tours that save you having to relearn the software each time you log in. viewLinc provides automated reports localized for 8 languages. The software is backward-compatible with Vaisala’s industry-best instruments and data loggers. viewLinc versions 5.X are compatible with Vaisala's innovative long-range wireless technology: VaiNet.
VaiNet RFL100 Data Logger
The VaiNet wireless temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide RFL100 data loggers use VaiNet wireless technology to achieve wired equivalent connectivity and data integrity through Chirp Spread Spectrum signal modulation. The RFL data loggers feature superior signal strength to 100 m (330 ft.); and transmit much further in unobstructed environments. Powered with two standard AA sized batteries, 1.5V (LR6 or FR6) , the RFL loggers have detachable probes for easy calibration.
VaiNet AP10 Network Access Point
The Vaisala VaiNet RFL wireless data loggers require a connection to a VaiNet access point: the AP10. Each AP10 can connect multiple loggers to the viewLinc Enterprise Server software. In a typical system, the AP10 is installed within 100 meters of an RFL100 data logger. In unobstructed environments the range is significantly higher. Installation is easy with each logger automatically identified by an AP10 when turned on. Access points, along with viewLinc, verify all data and store it in a secure database where it is protected from tampering and loss.

Key Benefits

Simple setup & configuration
VaiNet’s wireless data loggers and access points are pre-programmed to locate each other and establish communication. Less equipment and less configuration simplifies installation so the system is easy to deploy, even with little or no previous experience setting up networked monitoring systems.
Data integrity & efficient validation
VaiNet operates autonomously from other wireless devices and networks on a sub-GHz ISM band. This prevents signal interference with WLAN applications. With a simple network topology, installation, validation and troubleshooting is easy; no repeaters, signal boosters, or mesh networking to complicate the system.
Wired-equivalent reliability
Wireless connection is self-healing with automatic recovery and data backfill. In case of connectivity issues, RFL data loggers automatically connect to another VaiNet AP10 access point. Reliable data transmissions means fewer transmission retries, which saves on power.
Simple, efficient infrastructure
VaiNet eliminates the need for dedicated and costly Ethernet connectivity for each monitored location. RFL100 data loggers are ideal in high-traffic areas and can be easily moved as monitoring needs change.
Superior sensing technology, easy calibration
VaiNet data loggers use detachable probes equipped with measurement electronics and calibration data. The probe is easily removed from the data logger and replaced with a newly calibrated probe in less than a minute. This ensures your critical environments are monitored accurately and without interruption. In some regions, we offer probe replacement as a service.
Long-range signal
VaiNet provides interference-resistant wireless connectivity with signal strength ≥100 meters using Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) wireless frequencies. A low-frequency signal means that barriers typical in industrial environments and warehouses do not impede data transmissions. Obstructions like cement block walls, metal shelving, heavy duty equipment, liquid products, foil packs, and other packaging do not hinder VaiNet's signal.


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