Management Group

President and CE​​O

The Board of Directors appoints the President and CEO. The President and CEO is responsible for the everyday management of the company in accordance with the guidelines and instructions given by the Board of Directors, and informs the Board of Directors of the development of the company’s business and financial situation. The President and CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company’s accounting is legally compliant and that its financial affairs have been arranged in a reliable manner. Kjell Forsén has been the President and CEO of Vaisala as well as Chairman of Vaisala Management Group since 2006. He was born in 1958 and holds a licentiate’s degree in technology.


Manage​ment Group

The President and CEO is the Chairman of the Management Group. The Management Group comprises seven members. The Management Group meets at least once a month to assist the President and CEO in developing the strategy, implementing the strategy, managing operational business, as well as preparing matters handled by the Board. The Management Group draws up annual operational and financial plans as well as targets related to these plans, monitors the implementation of the plans and prepares major investments and acquisitions. The President and CEO is responsible for the decisions taken by the Management Group. Members of the Management Group are responsible for implementing the decisions in their own areas of responsibility.

Members of the Management Group are heads of business areas, the Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Vice President of Operations and Human Resources as well as Group General Counsel. The General Counsel acts a secretary to the Management Group.

Corporate Governance Statement 2017