Road Weather Information Systems for All Seasons

Weather responsive traffic management helps you make well informed operational decisions to keep you road network safe and traffic flow optimal - even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Weather Impacts Surface Transportation in Many Ways

How to be proactive when facing unpredictable and extreme weather conditions?

Managing Winter Road Conditions

Monitoring the current conditions on roadways nearby and remote motorways is critical to performing winter maintenance operations. Ministries of transportation, departments of transportation, cities, counties, and townships all have a need to monitor road...

Foggy highway

Low Visibility

For vehicles a major concern is low visibility caused by fog, blowing snow and sand. The biggest problem with visibility issues is that they are typically very localized, which means drivers approach areas quickly and with little warning. The good news is...

Road Closed due to Flooding

Flooding and High Water

To get the most out of an RWIS network a year round approach should be considered. One condition to consider is high water or flooding. New or existing RWIS sites can be placed in areas prone to water over the roadway during times of heavy rain. Sensors on...

Rainy highway

High Winds

High winds can cause numerous problems for surface transportation. They can cause a danger to the vehicles themselves, especially high profile vehicles, such as trucks and vans. Vaisala RWIS stations can provide precise wind speed and direction...

Road in sand storm

Sand Storms

Roadways cross nearly every climate on this earth, and a road through a desert is no exception.  Although deserts see far less precipitation and “weather” than other climates, they do have one very real danger – sand storms.  When strong winds are produced...

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